Neue Schule Bits Welcomes Two New Ambassadors: Laura Graves and Karen Pavicic

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Neue Schule Bits Welcomes Two New Ambassadors: Laura Graves and Karen Pavicic

Riverhead, NY (July 14, 2014) Internationally recognized dressage riders Laura Graves and Karen Pavicic know that their success is due in part to pairing their incredible talents with outstanding tack, equipment, and horses. While maneuvering their mounts through the show ring, both Graves and Pavicic trust the Neue Schule bits in their horses’ mouths to allow fluent communication between horse and rider. Metlar, LLC, the North American distributor for Neue Schule Bits is proud to announce the addition of Laura Graves and Karen Pavicic to the company’s line-up of talented Neue Schule Bit Ambassadors.

Graves and Pavicic are avid supporters of Neue Schule Bits, as well as outstanding dressage riders. Laura Graves recently achieved a place on the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) United States Dressage Team based on her stunning performance at the 2014 U.S. Dressage Festival of Champions in Gladstone, New Jersey. Graves and her horse Verdades placed second to Neue Schuele Ambassador, Steffen Peters in the Grand Prix. Graves was first introduced to Neue Schule Bits by Olympic Bronze Medalist and USEF Developing Coach Debbie McDonald, who was impressed by the bits when she was introduced to them by Barbara Biernat of the Horse and Rider Boutique. Graves and her equine partners fell in love with the comfortable, soft bits. She’s been a proud Neue Schule customer ever since. The young equestrian is now in Europe along with the rest of the United States Dressage Team short list members, several of whom sport Neue Schule Bits.

Neue Schule Bits is also enthusiastic to welcome Karen Pavicic to the company’s impressive team of ambassadors. The Canadian equestrian has already made her mark overseas, recently placing third in the Grand Prix at the at the CDI4* in Achleiten, Austria. Pavicic and her fellow Canadian Dressage Team members earned Silver Medals at the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Pavicic has been a longtime user of Neue Schule bits, and plans to continue riding with these beautifully made bits throughout her future as a dressage champion. Pavicic is now focused on doing her best while representing her country along with fellow Neue Scheule Ambassador, David Marcus, on the Canadian Dressage Team at the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France in August.

“Our ambassador team is made up of top professionals who believe in these bits and see the advantages of using them. We are so proud to welcome Laura Graves and Karen Pavicic to the team,” said Mette Larsen of Metlar.

For equestrians who want to find out why top riders such as Graves and Pavicic are so dedicated to these bits, the Horse and Rider Boutique (with locations in both Florida and California) offers a Neue Schule bit bank. Equestrians can use the bit bank to borrow Neue Schule bits for a trial period to experience the Neue Schule bits for themselves.  Neue Schule is certain that riders who participate in this trial will not be disappointed, as Neue Schule’s attention to detail and advanced design increase comfort for the horse and improve communication for the rider.

In addition to the ergonomic fit and advanced design, Neue Schule’s bits are constructed of a patented metal alloy called Salox Gold®.  This unique metal gives Neue Schule’s bits unique properties, including the highest thermal conductivity of any bit, meaning the metal quickly reaches the same temperature as the horse’s mouth.  It also creates no bioavailability, so there is no taste for the horse, which promotes comfort, relaxation, and softness in the horse’s mouth. 

All of these properties combined create Neue Schule’s legacy of exceptional bits for all disciplines of riders. Neue Schule’s dedication to creating the best bit on the market stems from the goal of improving communication and performance for both horse and rider, and many of the top professionals in the world have discovered the Neue Schule advantage.  With the addition of Pavicic and Graves, Neue Schule continues to build their following of international riders and provide the best bits on the market to equestrians around the world. 

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Photo: Karen Pavicic.  (Photo courtesy of Equinius International)