Turtle Top Universal


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Product Description

Turtle Top™ with Flex
Anatomy-inspired double jointed bit design with enhanced mouthpiece stability, through optimised alignment of the mouthpiece surfaces to the tongue and palate.
The Turtle Top™ link shape takes inspiration from the shell of the Box turtle. This flattened dome shaped link lowers palate pressure and prevents the cannons from being pushed upwards above the link by the horse’s tongue.
The Neue Schule Flex design concept delivers a guaranteed and well controlled co-alignment of the surfaces of the mouthpiece with the sensitive surfaces of the equine mouth. For most designs Flex delivers parallel co-alignment of the Turtle Top™ dome with the equine palate.
In selected designs we allow Flex to deliver some firm but fair additional pressure to the tongue and poll using a lever action-induced rotation of the mouthpiece. The extra pressure obtainable is carefully restricted with Flex limiting the range of additional rotation to around 10 degrees.

FlexZ is a development of our popular Tranz range (hence the “Z”). Gently curved cannons form a wide arch aligned over the tongue and held in shape by Turtle Top™. FlexZ is therefore more securely centred on the tongue and more resistant to being pulled through the mouth.

FlexZ Universal
The Universal cheek provides a number of rein options including the option of a curb strap. But whatever option you choose, the flattened underside of the FlexZ cannons with their anatomy-inspired recesses are held parallel to the tongue whatever riding activity you enjoy.
This innovation is brilliant for the over-active busy mouth that chomps and chews on the mouthpiece. Turtle TopTM with Flex keeps the mouthpiece centred and arched over the tongue at all times, safely helping to prevent sideways tongue evasions. This comfortable mouthpiece re-focuses the inattentive mouth back onto the rein aids in order to achieve a soft consistent contact.


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TT Testimonials from Charlotte Alexander
Denman went very sweetly in the Turtle Top Bit and I felt he was rounder, he worked very well through from behind. I had a flat work/show jumping session at Talland with my trainer yesterday and he thought Denman went the best ever!
I liked it very much on him as he is so sensitive in the mouth and he seemed very happy in the bit I felt Kingy worked much rounder, possibly with a bit more lift. I was very pleased with the bit and think it will be good for team chasing.
As an update – Kingy ran very well in the NS Turtle Top bit at weekend team chasing in the Open Class. We led and I had perfect control and steering with the Bevel. One thing I noticed was did not flap his head as much as he usually does when I was steadying him down.
So far ridden Harry once on his own round the farm and he was a different horse. I could not believe it. I know it is early days and I have not ridden him in company yet, but I was very impressed. He was light and did not latch on to the side of the bit. His steering was good and he was round and responsive. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the answer to all my prayers!
Over all I think that I need to do more to try out in different situations but I am very impressed – particularly with Harry, Denman and Kingy having gone so well in their training. I felt in general the horses were rounder without being behind the leg, which is difficult to achieve with a racehorse and they very much liked the mouth piece and seemed steady to the contact.
Jim Boyle Racing
We have been trialing the new Turtle Top on the beveled ring and it is simply excellent for the horses who tend to be strong in their canter and gallop work. It doesn’t matter if they have a high head carriage or if they are inclined to carry their heads low whilst leaning on you. We tend to leave stronger horses in snaffles as if you bit them up with stronger bits it can sometimes make make them back off the contact or try to run through it even more. With this new design of bit it encourages them to seek the contact and stretch out with their head and neck, therefore allowing the rider to ride on a longer a softer rein. I have tried it on a few different horses now and have yet to find one it that doesn’t love it and go better in it. The Turtle top is a very forgiving bit and we would thoroughly recommend it for Tb’s, and when it is released with different type of ring it will be a very versatile mouthpiece.
Louisa Allen, Head Girl at Jim Boyle Racing

Product Name Turtle Top Universal
Product Code 7023-U-TT
Mouthpiece Thickness 16 mm
Ring / Shank Size NA
Size Availability 118 – 168mm
4.6 – 6.6″
Dressage Legal
Other Info NA