Olivia Cass’s Equestrian Future Inspired by Neue Schule Bit

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Olivia Cass’s Equestrian Future Inspired by Neue Schule Bit


Riverhead, NY (March 9, 2015) I am very surprised that I won this bit— I’ve never won anything like this before,” says an excited Olivia Cass after winning a new state-of-the-art Neue Schule bit. Cass was the lucky winner of a contest run by Equine Journal, sponsored in part by Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery— the United States distributor of Neue Schule Bits.

Neue Schule offers several different bit models such as Fixed Cheek, Fixed Lever, Loose Lever, Loose Ring, Pelham, and Weymouth. “I am receiving a Waterford Universal bit as my contest prize,” says Cass. The Waterford Universal differs from other bits in its shape. It’s slimmer and not as spherical as other bits. The construction of the bit makes it not stiff, but fluid in the horse’s mouth, therefore making it more comfortable for the equine. With its ability to move in every direction, the Waterford Universal bit is designed for horses that tend to lean or pull down. Pressure can be placed at specific points across the bit, creating a head-raising action.

While Cass has not yet decided which horse she will be using her new bit with, she says she is most likely use it with the Quarter Horse she often rides, Shiloh. “I have been riding him for about a year and a half. Shiloh is primarily a western trail horse, but more recently I have been working on his and my English riding skills,” Cass says. Cass has been riding her whole life, but she has only recently started working on English riding. She says she was introduced to English riding while completing volunteer work at a summer camp. “I worked as a ranch hand at a Christian horse camp for six weeks this past summer, where I gained an immense amount of knowledge and experience with horses,” Cass explains, “During that time I was introduced to English riding, which I have really enjoyed so far.”

Neue Schule bits concentrate on making the communication between horse and rider the best that it can be, while providing ultimate comfort for the horse. The bits are made from a patented metal called Salox Gold, which feels soft and warm to match the atmosphere inside the horse’s mouth. Besides the ability of this metal to quickly adapt to the temperature of the inside of the equine’s mouth, it is tasteless to the horse, allowing them to avoid distractions of discomfort and focus fully on what their rider is telling them.

Cass hopes to get a lot of use out of her new Neule Schule bit in the near future, as she aims to go to an equestrian college to further her riding experience. “My future plans are to attend an equestrian college to become proficient in Dressage, Jumping, Cross Country, Cow Cutting, and Reining, as well as horse training and basic equine veterinary practices.”

Having the right equipment is vital when riding, and Cass says she is excited for the opportunities that her new bit can offer her. “I would like to thank both Equine Journal and Metlar for all their hard work to make this contest possible!”

For more information about Metlar and Neule Schule, visit www.NeueSchuleBitsUS.com or call 631-252-5574.


Photo: Olivia Cass is excited to try out the Neue Schule bit she won, courtesy of Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery (Photo courtesy of Olivia Cass)

Olivia Cass’s Equestrian Future Inspired by Neue Schule Bit