Neue Schule Goes A Bit Further and Introduces SpurSMART™

Neue Schule, the Official Bit of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), is known worldwide for its line of bits that are innovatively designed, made with high quality materials, and comfortable for horses to have in their mouths. Keeping a horse’s wellbeing at the forefront of the company’s business is what makes Neue Schule a favorite among savvy equestrians of all disciplines.

Neue Schule started 2016 off with a bang by introducing a new line of spurs at the 2016 British Equine Trade Association. The SpurSMART spurs feature an innovative design that encompasses all the technology, quality, and comfort that equestrians have come to expect from Neue Schule based on the company’s award-winning bits.

Made from highly polished stainless steel and cast from a single mold, the SpurSMART spurs are extremely strong and durable while still maintaining the ability to be flexible. One of the most unique innovations of the SpurSMART spurs is the way the straps attach to the metal bar. The spur strap bars are recessed into the spur to allow the strap to sit flush against the boot. This small detail allows the rider to wear the spurs securely for a long period of time without becoming uncomfortable. This innovation encourages the leather strap to sit correctly over the boot, completing a polished look while not scratching the surface of the boot. The spurs are designed to sit in the correct position on all types of field and dressage boots.

SpurSMART spurs are ergonomically designed to increase feeling and immediate response to riders’ aides, while being sympathetic to the horses’ sensitive flanks.                                          

Not only are SpurSMART spurs available in Standard Neck or Vertical Rowel designs, but they are also made to fit both competition boots or exercise boots. The competition boot fit is designed to be especially slim, and will not stretch over wider work-style riding boots.

“We are excited to be able to introduce the new SpurSMART spurs from Neue Schule to our retailers,” said Mette Larsen, founder and President of Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery, the U.S. and Canadian distributer of Neue Schule. “These spurs are another great example of Neue Schule’s commitment to innovative products that help horses and their riders communicate comfortably and effectively. We are thrilled to be able to continue that tradition in North America.”

To learn more about Neue Schule’s new line of spurs, visit or find them at a tack store near you.


Photo: The new SpurSMART spurs from Neue Schule Bits feature an innovative design that encompasses all the technology, quality, and comfort that equestrians have come to expect (photo courtesy of Neue Schule).