Neue Schule Bits Make the Difference for Laura Graves

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Neue Schule Bits Make the Difference for Laura Graves


Wellington, FL (February 11, 2015)When successful international dressage competitor Laura Graves put a Neue Schule bit into her horse’s mouth, everything clicked into place. “Changing to Neue Schule bits was a changing point in my training,” she shares. Graves first learned of Neue Schule bits from her coach, Olympian Debbie McDonald. McDonald pointed out Graves’s horse’s comfort at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. “Debbie made a comment that my horse may not be comfortable in his mouth, and I should try Neue Schule bits. Within days, a box of bits arrived at my farm. I was to try them all and simply send back the ones I didn’t need,” explains Graves. The equestrian noted that improvements in her performances were immediate with the new bits.

Neue Schule’s mission is to produce bits that improve communication between the horse and the rider while providing ultimate comfort to the equine. Now officially a Neue Schule Ambassador, Graves uses Neue Schule bits on all of her horses. “When a new horse arrives, the bits are one of the first things we address,” said Graves, “At this point, every one of my horses goes in Neue Schule.” Neue Schule offers a range of bit models such as Fixed Cheek, Fixed Lever, Loose Lever, Loose Ring, Pelham, and Weymouth. With a wide selection of fits and styles, Graves is able to find a bit for each of her horse’s individual needs. “They don’t just make one basic loose ring snaffle or curb bits with different ports,” she says. “There are many variations and options so the fit is just right. The difference in these bits is that they are so well engineered and effective that everyone— Adult Amateurs, Young Riders, and professionals— can feel the difference.”

“The first thing I loved about Neue Schule bits is the Salox Gold,” said Graves, “Every horse loves it.” Neue Schule bits use the patented metal Salox Gold because it is a soft, warm metal that matches the atmosphere within the horse’s mouth, making its presence less intrusive and providing comfort to the equine. Because the metal adapts its temperature extremely quickly to the inside of the horse’s mouth, distractions are limited and the horse can focus more fully on communication with the rider.

Graves has been celebrating many recent successes in the show ring while using her Neue Schule bits. She and the twelve-year-old KWPN gelding Verdades placed fifth in the Grand Prix Freestyle at the 2014 Alltech World Equestrian Games with an outstanding score of 82.036 percent. “Prior to that we had a top 10 finish at Aachen, and a reserve championship at the Festival of Champions,” said Graves. With the 2015 year beginning to unfold, Graves has many exciting plans. “This year our focus is on the Pan American Games in Toronto,” she said. Graves is also hoping to make a trip to Las Vegas for the Longines FEI World Cup Finals. “If it works logistically, it would be an amazing experience!”

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Photo 1: Laura Graves rides in Neue Schule bits to improve her horse’s comfort and achieve effective horse-and-rider communication (Photo courtesy of Laura Graves)

Photo 2: International dressage rider Laura Graves (left) and Chase Hickok of Neue Schule (right) with a Neue Schule bridle and bit (Photo courtesy of JRPR— no photo credit necessary)

Neue Schule Bits Make the Difference for Laura Graves1 Neue Schule Bits Make the Difference for Laura Graves2