Mette Larsen Shares Important Information and Advice About Neue Schule Bits As Featured Guest on Horse Radio Network’s Dressage Radio Show

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Mette Larsen Shares Important Information and Advice About Neue Schule Bits As Featured Guest on Horse Radio Network’s Dressage Radio Show


West Palm Beach, FL (August 21, 2013) When it comes to discussing bits, dressage riders everywhere usually have something important to talk about.  However, very few riders have the level of experience and knowledge about the latest technical advances in bits that equestrian Mette Larsen has.  As the owner of Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery, the US and Canadian distributor of Neue Schule Bits, Larsen knows a bit or two about this topic, which she recently shared during an interview on the Horse Radio Network’s Dressage Radio Show.  On the program, she spoke with hosts Reese Koffler-Stanfield and Phillip Parkes about how the right bit can make horses so happy that “they become new horses!”  This fun interview is a “must listen” for any dressage rider who wants to improve their riding and their horse’s performance.  Larsen eloquently describes the science and reasons behind why the bit is so important in horse-rider communication, and how Neue Schule has designed their bits, down to every minute detail, to keep horses performing at their best.

Larsen shares her background with Neue Schule and their shared passion to put the horses first when designing their products.  She discusses the special metal alloys used in manufacturing the bits, and how they have produced the highest thermal conductivity of any bit on the market. This means that Neue Schule bits becomes the same temperature of the horse’s mouth faster than any other bit available.  She also discusses the Computer Animated Design (CAD) technology used by Neue Schule, the different bits available and how they can be customized to solve most problems, as well as the benefits and comparisons of Loose Ring versus Fixed Cheek snaffles, and so much more.

During the discussion, Larsen describes the how the Neue Schule Verbindend greatly emphasizes the signals through the rein.  By encouraging clarity of the aids, the freedom through the shoulder can be developed, thus promoting self carriage and thoroughness.  The NS Verbindend eradicates tongue evasions by creating a channel for the tongue to lie in, allowing the horse to soften and relax through the jaw.  This mouthpiece can also enhance the development of the bend for lateral work and smaller circles.  This is especially useful for pleasure riders who desire to establish a lighter, softer way of going.

Neue Schule bits have been wowing and winning over some of the top riders in the world …and their horses.  The news and information about these ergonomically designed bits is spreading fast, and benefitting many equestrians and performance horses. In addition, Neue Schule is making it easier for riders of all disciplines to understand and select the perfect bit to meet their goals.  Through visiting the website, watching the many YouTube videos and through the guidance of the product tags on each bit explaining their particular function and purpose, equestrians can relate the technical aspects of each bit to how it applies to their individual horse and riding discipline.

“The better designed the bit is, the better it is for the rider and the horse,” says Larsen. “Each bit addresses the various problematic issues that can occur between the horse and the contact with the bit, including pulling on the rider, hiding behind the bit, unevenness in the hand, tongue issues, etc.  The bits are designed to help alleviate some of these issues so that the horse and rider get back to focusing on their ride or their training.”

Neue Schule offers a range of high performance, superior comfort bits that are ergonomically designed, using the latest in engineering and computer aided design(CAD) technologies and incorporate a unique copper alloy that promotes acceptance and communication.  For more information about Neue Schule bits, including videos and computer images, can be found at


Listeners can tune into The Horse Radio Network to hear the full interview at anytime by going to and clicking on The Dressage Radio Show – Episode 219.  Or by going to this direct link:



Photo: Mette Larsen of Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery, the US distributor of Neue Schule bits, recently discussed Neue Schule on The Horse Radio Network.  (Photo courtesy of JRPR—no photo credit necessary)