Grand Prix Jumper Danielle Goldstein Joins Neue Schule Bits as an Ambassador

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Grand Prix Jumper Danielle Goldstein Joins Neue Schule Bits as an Ambassador

West Palm Beach, FL (June 27, 2013) – Neue Schule bits is excited to announce that Grand Prix show jumper Danielle Goldstein, who has recently embarked on her European tour while she continues to train for the Israeli national team, has become a Neue Schule Ambassador.  Goldstein prefers Neue Schule as the bit-of-choice for her horses, and became familiar with Neue Schule’s dedication to education, a passion she shares, when Mette Larsen was a speaker during the International Equestrian Education program – a program that Goldstein herself designed. Neue Schule is proud to accompany and support Goldstein on her quest for international equestrian success as she competes in Europe and gears up to ride in the Maccabiah Games in July.

Mette Larsen of Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery is the US and Canadian Distributor for Neue Schule. She explained that the bits are anatomically designed for the horse’s mouth and create a better platform for the rider-horse connection. “The better designed the bit is, the easier it is for the rider and the horse,” said Larsen, “ Each bit addresses the various problematic issues that can occur between the horse and the contact with the bit, like pulling on the rider, hiding behind the bit, unevenness in the hand, tongue issues, etc.  The bits are designed to help alleviate some of these issues so that the horse and rider get back to focusing on their ride or their training.”

Goldstein agrees and has experienced these benefits of Neue Schule bits herself.  “The horses are much softer and less fussy, which is a godsend!” she describes.  “I ride my horse, Holly GoLightly, in the Neue Schule Swale.  Holly tends to be very heavy and fussy, and now, she holds her head much steadier without dragging me or coming totally out of a frame.”   Goldstein continues, “I totally love all of them, and I plan on practicing and showing in a number of different styles this year.  My favorite to ride at home is the Waterford Universal 3 ring and Baucher.”

Neue Shule has now made it easier for all riders to select the perfect bit by including informational tags on each product.  These new product tags act as a guide to help select which bits are best to create a better platform for the rider-horse connection, and help address and solve potential problems each individual horse may be experiencing. Neue Schule offers a range of high performance, superior comfort bits that are ergonomically designed, using the latest in engineering and computer aided design (CAD) technologies and incorporate a unique metal alloy with an increased conductivity that promotes acceptance and salivation.

For Goldstein, this same level of innovation, determination and passion has been a driving force throughout her entire life, and she has contributed much of her visionary talent to developing innovative projects that support and grow the equestrian industry in the US. In addition to creating and managing Starwyn Farms in Wellington, Goldstein also developed a groundbreaking International Equestrian Education (IEE) series. The IEE program was offered for the first time this year when she worked in conjunction with the Winter Equestrian Festival to launch this exciting 5 week long course.  She explains how the IEE is designed to provide valuable knowledge, understanding and insight for young riders and adult amateur equestrians, as well as many others involved at all levels of the equine industry.

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Photo: Show Jumper Danielle Goldstein is joining the ranks as an ambassador for Neue Schule bits. (Photo courtesy of Danielle Goldstein)