FEI Champion Mette Larsen Featured In The Scale of Training in Action DVD With Christoph Hess and Linda Parelli

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FEI Champion Mette Larsen Featured In The Scale of Training in Action DVD With Christoph Hess and Linda Parelli


Pagosa Springs, Co (Aug 12,2014) – While Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery is already setting the standard for compassion, design, and function in the equine industry, the founder, Mette Larsen, and her horse Ulivi recently set the standard for correct upper level training as one of four featured riders on The Scale of Training in Action DVD.  Recently produced and released by natural horsemanship’s Linda Parelli and acclaimed dressage trainer and judge Christoph Hess, the training tool features Hess coaching riders of different levels while demonstrating how the scale of training can be applied to improve overall performance. 

Hess works with four riders: one new to dressage, one seasoned eventer with a young horse, Linda Parelli on her horse Hot Jazz, and one upper level pair.  Larsen and Ulivi were selected to represent the upper levels, as they have a successful competition history in competition including finishing last year as the USDF KWPN Adult Amateur Intermediaire-I Champions for the country. “Christoph is so positive in his approach and he is for the horse.  He encourages forward riding with relaxation,” said Larsen, “Working with Linda and Pat (Parelli) has given me more tools to create “relationships” with all my horses. And the synergy between the true interpretation of the training scale and the goals of the Parelli program to achieve a relaxed and responsive horse became increasingly evident throughout the session with Christoph”, added Larsen.    

Larsen is the president and founder of Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery, which offers equestrian products specifically designed to enhance the riding experience for both horse and rider. Metlar is the North American distributor of Neue Schule bits, which have been enjoying snowballing success with international riders, from top flight jumpers and eventers to some of the most esteemed dressage riders in the United States and Canada.  Metlar is also a distributor of Schumacher’s line of crystal-encrusted belts and bridles, as well as TailRx, Photonic Light Lasers, and the Kathy Connelly Chin Pad Collection. For more information on Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery, visit their website at www.metlar-us.com. For more information on The Scale of Training in Action, Christoph Hess, or Parelli Natural Horsemanship, visit http://www.shop.parelli.com or call 855-PARELLI or enjoy a sneak preview on You Tube: http://tinyurl.com/q3wwkbe.


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Photo: Mette Larsen and Ulivi featured in the Scale of Training in Action DVD series. (Photo courtesy of Parelli Natural Horsemanship)