Dressage Rider “JJ” Tate Named Neue Schule Ambassador

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Dressage Rider “JJ” Tate Named Neue Schule Ambassador


Riverhead, NY (November 8, 2013) – Jessica Jo “JJ” Tate of Riveredge West in Chesapeke City, MD is the latest internationally acclaimed dressage rider and trainer to be named a Neue Schule Bits Ambassador.


“Overall, I think these are the best bits on the market. The lightness of the material, and the design and comfort, are top class. Whether a horse likes to take hold of the bit or chomps nervously, Neue Schule has what I am looking for,” says this former protege of Charles de Kunffy, who described Tate as “one of the most talented riders of the thousands I have ever taught. JJ represents the rare bounty of body, mind and soul all serving the horse’s well-being and evolution to top athletic performance.”


“My horses salivate more and give me a better connection overall,” says Tate, who has two horses on the USEF Developing Riders list and has kept a busy schedule since the Festival of Champions and USEF High Performance National Championships training under U.S. Dressage Olympian and coach, Robert Dover, with an eye on qualifying for the USDF Nationals plus launching a new stallion at Grand Prix on the Florida winter circuit.


“I feel like the energy comes through their bodies easier when they can accept a bit and feel comfortable in the mouth. Neue Schule gives me the feeling that my horses are happy in their mouths and therefore, their minds. When a horse feels constricted in the hand, everything about them is affected. My horses move better because they brace against the bit less.”


Tate says the benefits from Neue Schule bits comes straight from her horses’ mouths. “My young mare, Summersby, that I plan to show at Third and Fourth Level this coming season, loves her NS Eggbutt! I love the Tranz Angled Lozenge Eggbutt too because, for horses shy about stepping into contact, this really helps them seek it.”


The new Neue Schule Bits Ambassador is also ready to step up to a busy winter season: “I hope to be campaigning a new stallion at Grand Prix, as well as moving Faberge up to Grand Prix.” Faberge, or ‘Fiji’ for short, is a 2003 Westphalen gelding owned by Elizabeth Guarisco-Wolf that Tate rode to the 2009 USEF Developing Six Year-Old Reserve Championship and is partnered with her on the Developing Rider list.


Neue Schule bits offer superior fit between the tongue and upper palate. The ergonomic design works with shortened ‘smiles’ (distance from the corner of the lip to the muzzle) by sitting further back in the mouth while its unique revolving barrel ‘sweetens’ the thicker center of the tongue to promote feel and acceptance, and lift through the shoulder.


Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery specializes in superior quality equipment and prestigious accessories inspired by the equestrian lifestyle, with a focus on progressive and creative innovation, comfort and high standards.


Learn more about Metlar and Neue Schule Bits at www.metlar-us.com or call (631) 252-5574.


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Photo: Dressage rider Jessica Jo (JJ) Tate is now a Neue Schule Amabassador. (Photo courtesy of Richard Malmgren)