Bit by Bit, Neue Schule Supports Important Aspects of the Equestrian Industry

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Bit by Bit, Neue Schule Supports Important Aspects of the Equestrian Industry


West Palm Beach, FL (June 27, 2013)  –  Ever since they made their North American debut last fall, Neue Schule has been supporting many important equestrian events and educational programs on this side of the pond, bit by bit.  Using the latest, state of the art designing techniques, Neue Schule bits are wowing and winning over some of the top riders in the world …and their horses.  The news and information about these ergonomically designed bits is spreading fast, and benefitting many aspects of the horse industry. The most recent examples are Neue Schule’s participation in the American Horse Publications Student Fund Silent Auction as well as the Potomac Valley Dressage Association’s Ride for Life benefitting the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center.  Neue Schule donated a 5.50” 16mm Verbindend Snaffle to each event for their silent auctions, helping to raise money for these important causes.

The AHP Student Fund encourages young people who want to become a part of the equine media and publishing industry.  Neue Schule recognizes the value of sharing information and education through the media, and was very proud to support this fund. The Student Fund silent auction was held during the AHP “Meet at the Peak” 2013 seminar in Colorado Springs, CO, where attendees were able to take advantage some of the amazing attractions this beautiful area of the country has to offer.  Visiting Pikes Peak, the US Olympic Training Center and the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame was on many people’s list of things to do.  The opportunity to take a special trail ride through The Garden of the Gods was also a highlight of the AHP seminar.  Lori Lambert of was the winner of the Verbindend at the AHP ‘Meet at the Peak’; Lambert had heard of the Neue Schule bits and was excited to try them on her dressage and event horse.

During this same weekend on the other side of the country, Neue Schule was especially proud to support the Potomac Valley Dressage Association’s (PVDA) Ride for Life.  This annual weekend family event is held in the Baltimore/Washington area to raise funds for breast cancer research and to improve the lives of those affected and their loved ones.  Since its inception in 2004, the event has raised over $490,000 for the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center.  The event coincides with a licensed dressage show sponsored by the PVDA, and features one of the premier equestrian nights on the East Coast.  Its Saturday evening Dancing Horse Challenge is a lyrical blend of dance, music, lights and equestrian prowess woven into a touching and theatrical performance.  With performances by international and national riders and Olympians, the Dancing Horse Challenge becomes a call to all to heal, to give, and most importantly to celebrate life!  It is this level of dedication the equestrian industry offers that Neue Schule is proud to support.

Neue Schule bits selected their Verbindend snaffle bit to donate to the auctions.  The NS Verbindend greatly emphasizes the signals through the rein.  By encouraging clarity of the aids, and promoting a true outline, the freedom through the shoulder can be developed, thus promoting self carriage and thoroughness.  The NS Verbindend eradicates tongue evasions by creating a channel for the tongue to lie in, allowing the horse to soften and relax through the jaw.  This mouthpiece can also enhance the development of the bend for lateral work and smaller circles.  This is especially useful for pleasure riders who desire to establish a lighter, softer way of going.

Neue Schule is making it easier for riders of all disciplines to understand and select the perfect bit to meet their goals.  By including product tags on each bit explaining their particular function and purpose, equestrians can relate the technical aspects of each bit to how it applies to their individual horse and riding discipline.  Mette Larsen of Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery is the US Distributor for Neue Schule. She explains that the new product tags act as a guide to help select which bits are best to create a better platform for the rider-horse connection, and help solve potential problems “The better designed the bit is, the easier it is for the rider and the horse,” says Larsen, “ Each bit addresses the various problematic issues that can occur between the horse and the contact with the bit, like pulling on the rider, hiding behind the bit, unevenness in the hand, tongue issues, etc.  The bits are designed to help alleviate some of these issues so that the horse and rider get back to focusing on their ride or their training.” Neue Schule offers a range of high performance, superior comfort bits that are ergonomically designed, using the latest in engineering and computer aided design(CAD) technologies and incorporate a unique metal alloy that promotes salivation, acceptance and communication.

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Photo:  Mette Larsen of Metlar Performance Saddlery, the US and Canadian distributor for Neue Schule bits, donated two Verbindends to help support the equestrian industry.  (Photo courtesy of Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery)